B2H Eligibility

A child can qualify for waiver entry only while in foster care. However, once in the waiver, they can generally retain the services until age 21, if they meet waiver eligibility. To enhance their opportunities for successful reunifications and placements, the services can follow the participant home, into adoption, to lower levels of foster care and to adulthood.

  • The child must be Medicaid eligible.
  • The child must have a qualifying diagnosis.
  • The child must be able to benefit from the services.
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HCBS Waiver Enrollment Eligibility

Eligibility for the OMH HCBS Waiver is “3-pronged”. A child who applies for the Waiver must meet three sets of eligibility criteria, i.e. clinical, Medicaid, and fiscal. The applicant must be found eligible in all three areas. Ineligibility in one area makes the applicant ineligible for the Waiver.


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