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Capital District Respite (CDR) was formed in May 2010 to afford children the opportunity for respite and skill building services.

Capital District Respite staff are cleared through the Office of Children and Family Services,

a criminal background check is conducted by the Division of Criminal Justice System (DCJS) and all employees are required to complete a New York State Office of Mental Health training as well as the Office of Children and Family Services training requirements prior to providing services.

The training consists of the following components:

Cultural Diversity
Normal Growth and Development
Effective Use of Activities
Basic Engagement Skills
Working in a Family’s Homes
Common Mental Health Diagnoses
Required Reporting
Individualized Care
Dealing With Behavior and Crisis Situations
B2H Overview and Documentation
Mandated Reporter
Interaction of B2H Waiver Program and Child Welfare
Child & Adolescent Development

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Family Caregiver Supports & Services:

Education and training for the family/caregiver so they can enhance the child’s interaction with other children, family members and people in the community

Skill Building:

Assist youth with socialization skills necessary for successful functioning in the home and community

Planned Respite Services:

Provide the family/caregiver with short term relief

Prevocational/Supported Employment Services:

Teach concepts (not job specific) related to employment opportunities in the community

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Special Needs Community Advocacy & Support:

Provide educational support based on the child’s academic and behavioral needs as well as community services to minimize educational interruption

Crisis Avoidance Management & Training:

Pyscho-education and training to prevent/address a crisis

Family Support Services:

Strengthen and support the care-giving efforts of families with special emphasis on needs such as: emotional, physical health, parenting, and family interaction.

Intensive In-Home (IIH):

Provides services that help to facilitate the child’s emotional and social development and learning.

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